• 24/08/2016 - 23:09

The online apprenticeship with LUTA LIVRE UNIVERSITY ONLINE is not better than the training a student can achieve with an Official Instructor certificated by our institution.

Taking this into account, there would be no sense in creating an argument about it.

Considering this, it would be useful to have knowledge about 10 of the many advantages this method of learning has, as well as bearing in mind the following:

-LLUO is much better than a NON OFFICIAL Instructor, because it teaches technical details which may not be known by non-official instructors, and it does it in the proper way and order, utilizing the necessary methodology for a better learning.

-LLUO optimizes the process of learning that a student assisting Official Instructor classes may have, being a permanent Personal Teacher (due to the fact that you have access 24x7), providing a detailed analysis on every technique.

-LLUO is not better than a Certificated Official Instructor, but it surely gives a better teaching than most of the Instructors of other combat systems at the moment. It´s technique and pedagogy quality and clarity surpass the capacity of the majority of instructors not certificated by us.

Before judging the learning tool that is facilitated by the use of internet, it would be wise to consider the following possible problems in which a person willing to learn Brazilian Luta Livre may deal with:

-What would happen if a student does not have an Official Center in his town?

What would happen if the student schedule does not allow him to assist the regular classes (lose of continuity) and he does not have the money to afford particular classes?

Given this scenarios: What is the solution a skeptic would give?...

Is the solution not to train? Would the answer be that he never get to know Luta Livre? Learning another Martial Art?...

It is well known that learning through the internet does not replace qualified instructors...But it is still better than many others, and in addition, it brings the possibility to learn Luta Livre for a person who is not capable of assisting physically.

-Nowadays, seminars, conferences, classes as well as meetings take place through the internet.

The most successful and biggest companies of the world utilize this kind of tools.

There are surgery procedures supervised online.

Taking all mentioned into account, what holds back the learning of Luta Livre through this method?

Even difficulty of the identification and correction of mistakes in the Program can be compensated because any student can hire personal classes online, where the teacher would be teaching, watching and identifying mistakes just as if it was a teleconference.

And, even if he is not willing to, every student can wait for the corrections that will arrive when he had send the images. It is slower, but it works anyway. he process is slower, but it works either way. Undoubtedly the best way would be to lock yourself in a temple where you could learn Luta Livre…or live in the Central Academy of Luta Livre World Team and take personalize classes all the time, but...what happens if this is not possible?

There is a solution as concrete and efficient as our Martial Art: Luta Livre University Online.